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Angel Radio's Work Experience Students

Hannah - At Angel Radio in August 2023

My time at Angel has been fantastic! I started my experience by taking requests from the fabulous listeners. Not only was this good for me to advance my communication skills but I learnt a lot about them! Pay-to-play day! What a day that was! I was asked to help count how many listeners had pledged and got to listen to the great Pam & Keith and Vic & Eileen giving their quizzes and puzzles during their jam-packed shows.  I also got to meet the listeners on that day and I did some recorded interviews, I heard interesting facts from them. The listeners were very warm and they gave me very kind messages.  Through my Work Experience and the summer, I got taught how to mix thanks to the lovely Mark and Tony. My training with Tony led me up to hosting the Breakfast Bustle's, which I thoroughly enjoyed! 

Scarlet - At Angel Radio in July 2023

Scarlet spent two weeks at Angel Radio during which time she co-hosted Breakfast Bustles, recorded her own shows, worked on the reception desk, and learned interview techniques. 

Bella - At Angel Radio in January 2024

My time at Angel Radio was amazing.

My confidence increased each day I was there. Tony and the team were so nice and I found out so many things about music and the artistes. It was certainly an epic time at Angel Radio.

From Bella

Alfie - At Angel Radio in February 2024

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