Angel Radio donates 20 retro design DAB radios to older people in Norwich

Following several letters to the Eastern Evening News from older people bemoaning the lack of their type of music on the radio in the Norwich area Angel Radio's station manager wrote to the newspaper and explained that Angel Radio can be heard on digital radios in Norwich and offered free, brand new DAB radios to the first twenty people, aged over 65, who wrote in with their age, name and address. Letters started arriving within a couple of days and retro design digital radios were sent to the first 20 older people who wrote in.

March 2022

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Angel Radio begins broadcasting on DAB to Salisbury on 28th March 2022

Angel Radio continues to expand its coverage of cities by joining the new multiplex covering Salisbury.
Angel Radio is a big supporter of digital radio in the UK. We are on several large regional services which cover whole counties, and we are also on quite a few small-scale services which each cover just one or two cities. We can only continue to grow our coverage when our finances allow. In the past few months we have extended our coverage to the counties of Surrey and Dorset, and also South London following a rise in donations and legacies.

March 2022


What makes Sharleen Spiteri happy? You might be surprised at her answer.

Sharleen Spiteri has the world of entertainment in her grasp.

As lead vocalist with Texas she has sold over 40 million records and has had 3 No.1 albums in the UK charts, but when asked in an interview by journalist, Nicola Depuis, for Irish newspaper, the Cork Echo, what makes her happy these days, Sharleen Spiteri replied "I absolutely love listening to Angel Radio. The presenters are all pensioners, and I love it.” Then she gleefully sings the jingle ‘Angel Radio ... the home of pure nostalgia’, and adds “It’s like a real comfort” 

Angel Radio has changed its FM frequency from 89.3 to 98.6 and has moved its FM transmission site from Fort Purbrook, on the lower slopes of Portsdown Hill, to a commercial radio tower at Fort Widley, on of the highest parts of Portsdown Hill. We are now sharing Heart FM's antenna system and we are using a brand new 1000 watt transmitter, which is currently running 200 watts.
The new FM signal is a vast improvement over anything we have had in the past. We are still awaiting news of an exchange of contracts for our new FM service, which will be on 94.8MHz and covering Chichester & the surrounding area.

Angel Radio expands its FM coverage

Antenna Tower Fort Widley 1.jpg

Angel Radio closes its Channel Islands coverage

Angel Radio has ceased coverage of the Channel Islands on DAB.
Station Manger, Tony Smith, explained "The annual cost of broadcasting to the Channel Islands has risen considerably, but income from those broadcasts are remaining very low. If we had donations, sponsors or advertisers on the Channel Islands we might have been able to cover the costs. Unfortunately we have none of those.
Angel Radio would like to sincerely thank Nation Broadcasting for enabling Angel Radio to join the Channel Islands DAB for a year.