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Angel Radio began life as a pirate station in 1993 with a staff of just 3 people. In the many years since our first broadcast we have had a multitude of volunteers join us. Some have now retired, some have died.
Unfortunately I don't have photographs of every former member of the Angel team, but here are just a few.
You may still hear some of our former presenters when we repeat shows from our archives.

Theo in Karma cropped (1).jpg

Theo Bakker
our Dutch presenter.

Fossy - blues presenter.
Joan - receptionist & presenter.

Ted Laker - country and jazz presenter.

Peter Atkinson - musician and presenter.

John Ainsworth - musician and presenter.

Doug Adlam - classical and religious presenter.

Ros Martin and Steve Glennon
chat show presenters

Tony Finley - writer and

Ron Missellbrooke - singer, scriptwriter & presenter

Stanley Thomas
religious presenter

Tim Gudgin (formerly BBC)
request show presenter

Tony Power - request show & documentary presenter

Ken of Cowplain

Richard Sparks
novelty nostalgia presenter


Receptionist and presenter

John Ward
Happy Days Presenter

Pat Evans
Light Classics presenter

Angel at Night Receptionist

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